Melting Pot


First time in a long time I have been in love with my hair. Ironically, my hairdresser said melts are going out of style. WHAT? I am infuriated! It is my first time sporting this hair artistry. Luckily, I do like, what I like. I do not mind being so five minutes ago. Maybe I should start a “Keep the melts alive” campaign.

Also? Reminded me how much my sons, Landen and Bradley, love patty melts. So I will scratch the campaign and just make some yummy patty melts.

Just in case you have any lingering questions.

What is hair melting?

What is a patty melt?

What is Newton’s method for the matrix square root?




Home Is Where Your Heart Is…


 Artwork by Matte Stephens’

Whether that be a place or a person

Talent galore! I am becoming a sucker for City centric art. Possibly always have been. It is serious as of late. This one owns me today. Taken as well? Check out more amazing limited edition prints Here!

Matte Stephens’
Matte Stephens’